Origin:  Tel Aviv, Israel

Genres:  Post rock, Electronic, Psychedelic, Modern Jazz

Years Active:  2013- Present

SSolar Wind is an instrumental band that successfully hypnotizes, lifts and draws the ear into a galactic journey of colors and sound.

The space-like sound of the band is influenced by a wide range of musical worlds: from post-rock and electronic music to modern jazz and African grooves.

Solar Wind’s music explores the boundaries of innovation, combining a musical mix of sophistication and accuracy with emotion and improvisation.

The band is based in Tel Aviv, and has been constantly performing in festivals and venues all across Israel since 2013.

Their debut album “Mind Glow” was released in late 2016, following a successful crowd-funding campaign and has received positive feedback in the media.

Nowadays, after exploring new ways of composing as a group, Solar Wind has released a special new EP:
“Live on Mars”, which was recorded and filmed live in the desert.

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Email: solarwmusic@gmail.com
Tel. +972 -(0)52-8406482

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